About Us

Attain Med is a national wholesale distributor of pharmaceutical and medical products headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We predominantly focus on servicing independent pharmacies and more specifically the independent pharmacist and their customers.

Officially founded in 2008, the concept developed by our executive team is to become a valuable resource for the independent pharmacist who needs quality and reliability as much as profitability. The driving force behind our company is the desire to improve the lives of pharmacists and ultimately, their loyal customers.

As Attain Med grows, so does the knowledge of our staff. We train each member of our staff to enhance their competency and ability to engage in productive and effective communication with any pharmacist and/or their staff. Our customer’s satisfaction is the key to our success now and in the future.


To provide the latest pharmaceutical products at exceptional prices so our independent pharmacy affiliates attain “the edge” they need to maintain profits and reliability, every day.

Why Choose Attain Med?

  • No Contracts!
  • No-Hassle Return Policy
  • Great Savings on Short Date Opportunities
  • Great Value on Close-out Items
  • Next Day Delivery with Low Minimums
  • 3000+ AB Rated Generics
  • DQSA Compliant and Traceability & E-Pedigrees Available on all Products
  • HDA Membership
  • VAWD Accreditation (In-Progress)
  • D&B & BBB Accredited
  • CSOS available with SOMS in accordance with DEA 21 CFR 1301.74b requirements
  • 24/7 ordering at AttainMed.com
  • Pharmacy “Referral Program”
  • Monthly Incentives for On-Line Ordering

Suspicious Order Management

Localized Compliance for Controlled Substance Registrants & Distributors

Federal DEA 21CFR 1301.74b
Suspicious Order Monitoring:
Automatically intercept Orders having significant deviation in:

• Order Size
• Order Frequency
• Order Pattern

Avoid Fines, Cancelled Orders, & Rating Downgrades

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