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Pharmsaver, is a cloud based pharmacy analytics and purchasing system. The system allows the flexibility to order either on the system or via uploads of orders from any and all sites and formats. Pharmsaver offers pharmacy the additional benefit of analyzing for best price while it simultaneously looks at reimbursement in a first of its kind prospective approach.

Pharmsaver, allows pharmacies to take advantage of market opportunities while also helping to manage prime vendor and contractual obligations. Pharmsaver is parameter driven allowing every pharmacy to build its own unique rule set as to how the system will work for them. Finally, Pharmsaver provides robust reporting and analytics allowing pharmacies to both build unlimited standing orders or lists and even create a watch list to alert for product availability by market price.

Please contact PharmSaver at 516-374- 0920 or visit on the web at


SureCost® is web based ordering system that allows you to evaluate and place orders to multiple vendors from one web site created specifically for your pharmacy. It enables purchases to your existing vendors, while providing wholesale contract management, cost auditing and optimal product selection in a real-time environment.

SureCost® reviews each item selected for replenishment and directs the purchase to the best source. It drives purchases necessary to comply with the primary wholesaler contract and directs other opportunities to secondary sources. Pharmacies using SureCost® over existing applications and procedures have realized substantial savings.

The concept behind SureCost® is to give the pharmacy the control of real-time information. With just a few clicks of your mouse, it is easier to manage day-to-day ordering, compliance throughout your pharmacy network and information for use in managing vendor contracts. Contact SureCost® at 1-888-363-7596 or visiting us at

Suspicious Order Management

Localized Compliance for Controlled Substance Registrants & Distributors

Federal DEA 21CFR 1301.74b
Suspicious Order Monitoring:
Automatically intercept Orders having significant deviation in:

• Order Size
• Order Frequency
• Order Pattern

Avoid Fines, Cancelled Orders, & Rating Downgrades

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