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The DEA requires electronic receipt of CSOS orders for traceability. Please remember to receive your CSOS orders via the “CSOS Login” tab on our homepage once you have received your CSOS order.



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What is CSOS?

CSOS stands for Controlled Substances Ordering System. In 2005, the Drug Enforcement Administration changed its regulatory requirements to allow an electronic alternative to the paper Form 222 that previously accompanied controlled substance orders. CSOS is a short name that refers to any electronic ordering system which uses DEA-approved digital signature technology for this purpose. For additional information, please see DEA E-Commerce Program.


What is CSeScripts?

CSeScripts is shorthand for Controlled Substance Electronic Prescriptions. In 2010, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) changed its regulatory requirements to allow an electronic alternative to the paper presciptions that were previously required when a practitioner wrote a controlled substance prescription. For additional information, please see the new DEA regulations.


What is a digital Signature?

A digital signature is a way for you to electronically sign a document and provide the recipient of that document with the same level of assurance that goes with your hand-written signature. To accomplish this, you are given a small, encrypted computer file (a digital signing certificate) that uniquely identifies you as its owner. Computer systems are designed to recognize that file and ask you to present in lieu of your signature. Legally it is as binding as your hand-written signature.


How can I get digital signature capabilities?

To apply your signature electronically to a controlled substance order or prescription, you must acquire a digital signing certificate. Controlled substance orders require a special certificate issued by the DEA, whereas with prescriptions there are more options. The DEA’s CSOS Subscriber Manual takes you step-by-step through the process of getting a digital certificate for CSOS. If you are interested in learning more about digitally signing prescriptions, please contact us.

Suspicious Order Management

Localized Compliance for Controlled Substance Registrants & Distributors

Federal DEA 21CFR 1301.74b
Suspicious Order Monitoring:
Automatically intercept Orders having significant deviation in:

• Order Size
• Order Frequency
• Order Pattern

Avoid Fines, Cancelled Orders, & Rating Downgrades

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