Ordering Methods

Three Easy Ways to Order:

1. Internet – “www.attainmed.com”:

Login, click on Pharmaceuticals tab, and click to place an E-Commerce Order.

  • CSOS Available when ordering C-IIs.

2. Telephone:

Order by calling Toll Free at 1-888-288-2180 or 770-288-2466 during normal business hours*, and speaking to one of our customer service reps.

3. Fax:

Order by Fax at 1-888-288-2181 during normal business hours*

*Attain Med’s Normal Business Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST 

Suspicious Order Management

Localized Compliance for Controlled Substance Registrants & Distributors

Federal DEA 21CFR 1301.74b
Suspicious Order Monitoring:
Automatically intercept Orders having significant deviation in:

• Order Size
• Order Frequency
• Order Pattern

Avoid Fines, Cancelled Orders, & Rating Downgrades

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