At Attain Med, our focus is you – the independent pharmacy. Our Account Team is highly trained to provide every customer with exceptional industry sales and service. We work hard to keep our customers informed of the latest products, pricing changes and shortages. Your Attain Med Account Executives provide fast accessibility and efficient follow-through service, whether by phone, email and/or fax. For customer service support, please call 1-888-288-2180, Monday – Fri. 9 AM – 6 PM (“control” orders need to be submitted by 4:30 PM EST, and “non-control” orders need to be submitted by 6:00 PM EST to be delivered “next day”, any orders placed after 6:00 PM EST will be shipped the following business day).

Attain Med Pricing

We are committed to negotiating the lowest possible prices and passing the savings on to you, our customer. Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are tax exempt.

Attain Med Delivery

All “control” orders are shipped, best way, same day, if ordered is submitted by 4:30 PM EST, and “non-control” order meets “control” policy & procedure regarding minimum requirements. All “non-control” orders are shipped, best way, same day, if ordered by 6:00 PM EST. Low cost shipping available for “non-control” order with a minimum of $150.00 within the United States. Next day and second day shipping is also available. Weekend e-commerce orders will ship Monday. CII orders orders must also be submitted by 4:30 PM EST on Friday for Monday delivery with “control” policy & procedure minimum requirment being met. Otherwise, CII orders will be placed on-hold and/or cancelled after five (5) business days.

Attain Med Payment Terms

Payment terms for approved accounts are net thirty (30) EOM with approved credit. We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, ACH and Check by Phone.

Prescribed & Controlled Substances

State and Federal regulations require that legend and controlled substances be sold only to registered and licensed health care professionals. New customers are required to submit “New Customer Application”, along with supporting documentation (i.e. copy of DEA & State license, past three (3) months drug utilization report (DUR), most recent state and federal inspections, list of top five (5) prescribers, and credit application, etc…). If you have any questions, please call our Customer Support Center at (888) 288-2180. Per federal, state, and local law, we ship only to licensed facilities.

All prescription pharmaceuticals offered for sale meet all applicable FDA, USP and NF Standards.


1. Returns for errors or general returns will only be accepted if “Returned Goods” Policy and Procedure is completely adhered to (any loses are the responsibility of the person who has physical ownership).

2. Once a package is received and “signed” by the customer, legal ownership of product(s) is transferred to customer, and customer is responsible for any loss and/or theft of product(s). The customer is still required to advise Attain Med of the incident, so that we can document the occurrence and follow our policies and procedures for occurrences which include loss and/or theft.

3. Full credit will be given for shipping errors made by Attain Med of unopened products damaged in transit, provided the error and/or damage is reported to Attain Med within 24 hours of the receipt of the product (this does not include controlled drugs). All returns must be authorized in advance. Please call Attain Med at 888-288-2180 to obtain a return merchandise authorization (RMA). The RMA should be marked clearly on the outside of the box containing the returned product. At Attain Med’s sole discretion, Attain Med may authorize and accept returns for reasons other than shipping error and/or damage as long as Attain Med determines, at its sole discretion, that the product is re-sellable. Credit for these returns will be given at the lesser of purchase price and/or current market price and may incur a 25% handling and/or restocking fee.

4. Any unauthorized returns will not be processed for credit. Attain Med reserves the right to return or destroy products that are ineligible for credit and/or are returned without prior authorization.

5. Returns will only be accepted for credit from the original purchaser. Credit will not be given for product(s) that have been damaged, opened, labeled and/or marked on, except as required by law. The following products are not returnable:

  • a. All “controlled” drugs (schedule II thru V), unless entire unsealed box is refused at time of delivery and returned to Attain Med.
  • b. Products sold as short-date and/or as close-out.
  • c. Products that are stored improperly or exposed to improper temperatures and/or any other hazardous conditions.
  • d. Product recalls will be handled in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • e. Refrigerated items including vaccines, and/or biological products.

6. Products will not be accepted for return and no credit of any kind will be issued for ordering errors. We will do our best to review orders for unusual ordering pattern and contact our account holders for potential order entry errors when possible. Attain Med will not accept any returns for any other reason.

7. Attain Med reserves the right not to accept bulk returns, returns from inactive accounts with outstanding balances, and/or accounts in the process of closing or transferring ownership.

8. If orders that were signed for at the time of delivery are returned for whatever reason without express written consent and an RMA from Attain Med, we reserve the right to quarantine and destroy the product(s) with no credit issued to account holder.

9. All returns must be pre-authorized by a “Manager”, as well as, have an RMA number. After receiving pre-authorization, to receive reimbursement for all eligible returns, all product should be shipped pre-paid to the following address:

Attain Med, Inc.
Pharmaceutical Distribution Division
5825 Glenridge Drive NE. Building 4, Suite 106
Atlanta, Georgia 30328-5387

10. Returns outside policy guidelines will not be accepted for return to the purchaser and no credit of any kind will be issued. Attain Med reserves the right to destroy the product(s).

11. Products damaged due to improper storage, handling, flood, fire, and/or disaster will not be eligible for return.

12. All products drop shipped through the Attain Med web site are subject to the return policy of the respective manufacturer.

13. Allow two to three weeks processing time for credit memos on authorized returns. Please do not deduct any amounts from your payment related to the returned product before receiving the credit memo.

11. Repackaged products or opened containers are not eligible for return or reimbursement!

Suspicious Order Management

Localized Compliance for Controlled Substance Registrants & Distributors

Federal DEA 21CFR 1301.74b
Suspicious Order Monitoring:
Automatically intercept Orders having significant deviation in:

• Order Size
• Order Frequency
• Order Pattern

Avoid Fines, Cancelled Orders, & Rating Downgrades

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